Saturday, August 15, 2009

Alexander Henry turns 50 - and POW is there...

Today, the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes celebrated the 50th anniversary of the launch of her signature vessel, the Coastguard icebreaker Alexander Henry, with a variety of events on site. Preserve Our Wrecks, closely associated with the history of the Museum, was delighted to provide a presence and to organize a diving demonstration. Friends from the Dolphin Scuba Club - and the Museum's own curator - Ben Holthof ventured into the basin of the dry dock and, using full-face masks with communication devices built in, were able to enjoy a dialogue with interested spectators topsides. Adam Rushton, who was good enough to provide the masks, also enabled visitors to watch the divers through a monitor linked to an underwater camera. The day was a great success - and members are advised to follow up on the celebrations of the vessel's birthday by getting along to the Brew Pub in downtown Kingston in the coming days. The Pub has commissioned a special 'Icebreaker Ale' for a limited period. Quite apart from the enjoyment of this fine beverage, patrons will be benefiting the Museum with a donation of 50¢ for every pint sold.

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