Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Maritime Museum Resource List..

A colleague from Save Ontario Shipwrecks recently shared this link to a list of Canadian Maritime Museums. Anyone who is travelling and has an interest in visiting them might like to bookmark the site.

AGM passes quietly... with cake !

The AGM held recently in Kingston passed quietly. The anticipated talk on Australian Nautical Archaeology, by Ben Holthof, curator of the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes in Kingston, was excellent. Using a wide variety of images, Ben transported those attending to a warmer, quite different maritime environment. He outlined educational arrangements in Australia and discussed some of the challenges and rewards of undertaking research and survey work there.

On a formal note, the Board of POW remains unchanged. The evening also provided the occasion to announce the recipient of the Thibault Award for 2011 - Rick Neilson. Rick is amongst the longest serving members of our Organisation and a renowned researcher, author and campaigner for maritime heritage. In honour of our 30th anniversary of incorporation, a specially decorated cake was produced and enjoyed by everyone present.

Look out for future event information on this site - and on our webpage.