Saturday, May 23, 2009

Online Subscription and donations now possible...

In the interests of making it easier for our supporters to renew their annual subscriptions and to make donations, Preserve Our Wrecks has now enlisted the support of Canada Helps, an organisation that provides online donation opportunities for charities. You can even use your credit cards - what could be easier..?

If you wish to use the new facility, the link is on our homepage with details of membership rates (in a downloadable application form) You don't need to submit an application form when you pay through Canada Helps, just tell us who you are and which category of membership you're seeking in the remarks box.

We hope that this will be a welcome development and that it may further expand our membership and levels of support.

Preparations well advanced for our Summer Survey...

Many of you are interested in supporting our Summer Survey work. This year's project is the wreck known for many years as 'Guenter's Wreck'. Although little remains of the original structure of the vessel, sufficient evidence is available, many experts believe, to identify its type and period, and perhaps even to be able to name it as a specific ship.

This week a block was placed to enable work on the survey to be undertaken from a mooring. Earlier visits have relied on locating the site and either anchoring nearby or requiring divers to rely for surface support on a boat circulating overhead. Some graduates of the recent Nautical Archaeology Society course held in Kingston are likely to be amongst those working on the wreck in the weeks ahead. Look out for more details shortly - or contact us at to offer your support.

We have already enlisted researchers and videographers. Offers of boats to support the survey have also been gratefully accepted. We'll keep you in touch as work proceeds.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mooring Status Update now available...

DIver and charter operators alike will be pleased to note that POW's online mooring update is now available. If you detect an error, or have new information to offer, please contact us to make us aware of it - in the interests of all your fellow divers and boat operators.

Have a great and a safe season...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nautical Archaeology Course - Day One

The long-awaited Nautical Archaeology Course began today. Twenty one students benefited from superbly coordinated and delivered instruction from the Parks Canada team drawn from their Underwater Archaeology Service. The morning concentrated on survey techniques and the background to the whole discipline. An excellent exercise using real artifacts and challenging the students deductive skills began. It will run throughout the course in stages, with each introducing more information until firm conclusions about the origins of the various objects and the vessel to which they relate can be drawn.

The afternoon provided the challenge of working survey skills in an outdoor environment and the evening brought the realities of testing those same skills underwater. Altogether, the day was a great success and pleased the students, who had come from as far afield as Toronto and Montreal to attend the session...