Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mooring Season off to a great start..

Anyone living in and around Kingston will have noted that conditions have been absolutely marvellous for several days. This has presented the opportunity this week to get out and lift some of the many moorings we maintain in local waters. The commitment of local charter operators to this effort is incredible, and immensely appreciated. Many thanks this week to Kingston Dive Charters and to Pat's Charters. The pic shows Anne, of the former, and Pat of the latter, enjoying a lighter moment on one trip to service the moorings.

For the record, lines and markers are now up on the following wrecks: The Frontenac, Marsh, Comet, Douglas, Davie and Mapleglen. Look out for more to follow in short order, particularly the Wolfe Islander, on which a buoy is likely to appear later this week.