Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mooring Removal Continues...

The bleak weather of the last week or so has not discouraged our Mooring Director from his pursuit of the remaining mooring buoys placed around the Lake's Canadian waters. Marks have been removed from the Munson, City of Sheboygan, Terry's Tug and the William Jamieson. It's planned to lift most remaining buoys over the coming weekend, ideally on Saturday. If anyone else is in a position to assist with removal of the buoys, they should contact Harold (whose number is on our website) for advice on the work and to keep him in the loop.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Buoy Removal begins...

The Thanksgiving Weekend has seen the first of the changes to our Mooring Status. Buoys or jugs marking the locations of the Frontenac, China, Katie Eccles and the S.M. Douglas have all been removed and the mooring lines dropped.

It is also reported that the bow line on the Wolfe Islander II has been damaged and is unavailable.

If you become aware of other changes - or you wish to advise us of any concerns about the mooring buoys maintained by Preserve Our Wrecks, please use our 'contact us' pages.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wilderness Battleship...

Last night's lecture by Tim Abel of the Jefferson County Historical Society in New York provided a fascinating glimpse into the extraordinary efforts made over the Winter of 1814 to build warships at Storr's Harbour (near the much better known Sacket's Harbour). His title refers to the challenges of building major warships in, what in those days, was a sparsely populated wilderness territory lacking any industrial base or indigenous labour force. He brought his subject to life with good humoured asides on the ambiguous attitudes of local Americans, who regarded cross-border smuggling, even in wartime, as a reasonable pursuit. For Canadians, and especially Kingstonians, who are often focused on our local naval history, this was a wonderful insight into affairs across the Lake. Many thanks to the Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation for sponsoring this excellent lecture.