Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Survey Work Continues on Guenter's

Thanks to the generous assistance of a local boat owner, who made his vessel available to us today, we got in a good working dive on the wreck that is our principal survey target. The picture shows measurements being taken of an interesting, and conspicuous, cylindrical wooden object protruding from the centre of the wreck, and lying out, at an angle, over the Port side. In our opinion (untested and unchallenged) this is too small for a mast (and masts were all believed to have been removed), but no obvious attribution is forthcoming. Other significant wooden projections are present, and hard to identify. With each dive, the puzzle becomes both clearer and more opaque. More objects are noted - and more remain invisible. Almost the whole Port side lies under silt that cannot be disturbed. Moving around the wreck, interest and suspicion are aroused by objects that may, or may not, be associated with it. Keep following this blog to find out where we stand in our work - and whether we get any closer to the answers.

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