Monday, June 22, 2009

Discovery Channel Crew visit Guenter's Site...

Divers from Preserve Our Wrecks were interviewed today by the Discovery Channel during another survey visit to the site of Guenter's Wreck. This welcome attention for the work we're doing neatly complemented the front page story in the Kingston Whig Standard. The well written piece outlined our hopes for the work, included authoritative commentary from Parks Canada expert, Jonathan Moore, and set our work in its proper context.

It's likely that the piece being prepared by the Discovery Channel will air on Daily Planet sometime in the Fall. The intention is that the channel will keep pace with developments over the summer and report progress on the work of researching and working towards identification of the vessel in a wrap-up piece.

Work today included further photo taking, the introduction of Steve, a newcomer to the site, to the various features - and some general stock-taking. The visibility was very good and the strong sunlight overhead penetrated the depths rather well, making for good ambient light shots. A selection of recent pictures is available for perusal on our Flickr site.

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