Thursday, August 28, 2008

Line laid to a wreck offshore from KGH

Following up on an exploratory dive last week, local divers, many of them POW members, tonight placed a line from shore near Kingston General Hospital to a wreck that lies in 60 feet of water, just 20 minutes gentle swim away. The line starts around the 20 foot depth contour and is most easily located by entering the water somewhere near the middle of the car park close to Murney Tower and swimming eastwards along the 20 foot contour until you pick it up. It's bright yellow and leads almost directly south to the bow of the wreck.

The wreck is in very good condition; one of the more intact examples of what is certainly a sailing vessel and probably associated with use on the canal systems. It's almost a hundred feet long and about 24 feet wide. Care should be taken by visiting divers to avoid disturbing and damaging many upright features that have stood the test of time.

The wreck is well known already; it features on local charts, but it has not previously been of great interest, since it lies in the path of frequent boat traffic and didn't have any line to it from shore. For ease of reference, it may be useful (borrowing the example of the KPH wreck) to refer to it as the KGH wreck, unless and until someone can provide a precise identity.

Visibility tonight was about 40 feet on the wreck and the water temperature about 64F.


Tom said...

So GLUE members from NTD went out today and added to the new site. A white line at 90 degrees to the yellow line running along the 20 foot contour from the west parking lot to the tower. So enter the water using the west parking lot drop down to 20 feet and all should be good.

The wreck itself is from what I got on my limited time on it day 90 mins fixing, searching and swimming up and down as we used the east lot :). A barge with simular construction to the Kinghorn the joints and construction reminded me of it actually. The Deck is collapsed but the sides still stand and plenty of fish.

Again I would like to thank those that helped me today, and Mike Hill and his crew that ran the yellow line on thursday. Mike promised more details as well

Corey said...

Thanks Guy's, dove it on Thursday after CSD charter canceled. Nice relaxing dive after a long day at work.

Looks like an nice dive to extend the season once the boats are out.

Is the entrance from the east parking lot a little more double tank friendly (those big rocks could be nasty if they are wet or frozen)?

MikeH said...

Corey - it's really good to see this line being used. Thanks for the feedback. You may well be correct about the East car park. The main thing, as you've picked up, is to be really careful on both the descent to the beach and the initial walk out from shore. The rocks are uneven, very slick and treacherous. But once you're afloat you can relax until the hazards of the exit have to be negotiated.